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Greyhounds for adoption: Products


Give a beautiful Greyhound the chance at finding their forever home!

Introduction to foster caring

So you are wanting to become a Foster carer for Hounds in Homes, That's fantastic news! Foster care is a very rewarding thing to do. Foster homes and carers are a crucial part of the rehoming process.


Before you make any decisions, please read our fact sheet which also includes the NSW protocol regarding muzzles. ​Once you have read the fact sheet and you still think you have what it takes to become a Greyhound carer, you can fill out our application form. 

What we provide

Hounds in Homes foster carers are provided with everything they need to get started:

  • Martingale Collar/harness

  • Lead

  • Muzzle

  • Dry food

  • Bowls (if needed)

  • Bedding (if needed)

  • Information pack - including information on the NSW protocol regarding muzzles and expectations of a greyhound foster carer

If you'd like to know more about providing foster care, please contact us at

Ready to start fostering? Complete the application form.

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