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Understanding Greyhound Temperature Regulation: Does my Greyhound need a coat?

Greyhound in winter coat

In the realm of canine companions, greyhounds possess a unique trait—they struggle to regulate their temperature effectively. This makes it imperative for owners to comprehend and adhere to specific guidelines to ensure their beloved pets remain comfortable and healthy year-round.

So, when does my Greyhound need a coat?

Due to their minimal body fat, greyhounds are particularly susceptible to cold stress, especially during the chillier months. If you notice your greyhound curling up tightly, it's a clear sign they're feeling the cold. In temperatures below 15°C, it's advisable to clothe your canine companion in a snug coat for added warmth. However, it's essential to remove the coat indoors, especially if heating is employed, to prevent overheating.

Not too cold, but not too hot!

Conversely, in warmer weather, greyhounds are at risk of heat exhaustion. Avoid walking them during the blazing sun, and opt for early mornings or late afternoons when temperatures are milder. Experts recommend steering clear of walks altogether when temperatures exceed 25 degrees Celsius. Given greyhounds' heightened vulnerability to overheating, adhering to this advice is paramount to their well-being.

In essence, understanding and adhering to temperature regulation guidelines are crucial components of responsible greyhound ownership. By proactively addressing their unique needs, owners can ensure their greyhounds lead happy, healthy lives, free from the discomfort and risks associated with temperature extremes.

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