2 years old

Jordan Springs

Adoption Fee: $480

Microchip No: 956000012203310



Meet Teddy (2 years old) a beautiful goofball, ready to find his forever home! 

Teddy is a super sweet and affectionate boy who has stolen the hearts of his carers and foster siblings. Being only 2 years old, Teddy still has lots of puppy energy but also loves to chill out and give lots of love and cuddles. Teddy would love a fellow greyhound sibling or have humans who are home more often than not to give him the love and attention he deserves. He has shown no signs of separation anxiety but has had the company of two other greyhounds, so we are unsure how we would cope as a solo dog. 

Teddy is fully toilet trained and sleeps very well at night. Teddy has been sleeping happily in his carers’ bedroom at night with his foster siblings, generally in his own bed but recently choosing to sleeping on the human bed with his carers (thankfully they don’t mind!)

Teddy is great around other greyhounds but is not yet ready to be around other smaller breeds and needs to be muzzled on walks as a precaution. We do however believe he will eventually excel in socialisation, we just want to make sure he isn’t pushed too quickly. Teddy needs an experienced greyhound or large dog owner who is responsible and can support Teddy with ongoing socialisation training in a safe environment.

Teddy needs owners that will really make him part of the family. He just wants to be close to his humans and give lots of affection, so lots of couch cuddles are a must. An apartment isn’t really a suitable home for Teddy as he’s a big energetic boy who needs space to run around and play with his toys. He is friendly with kids but very energetic and bouncy, so we think he would be better suited to older children.

Teddy walks very well on the leash, but needs owners who are strong enough to handle him if he sees something that piques his interest (like those pesky cats). Teddy is very food motivated and we believe will be very easy to train. He knows his name and is already a pro at recall whilst on walks! 

Teddy requires a muzzle at all times around smaller dogs and we adivice he be muzzled on his walks. He is very reactive towards small fluffy dogs through no fault of his own. This needs to be managed by his new owners and we will only consider responsible dog owners who are committed to him. Teddy is not suitable for off leash dog parks. 

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My needs:

  • Spacious home (no apartments) with a backyard or garden 

  • No cats or small dogs 

  • An owner experienced with greyhounds or large dogs

  • A greyhound sibling or owner's home more often than not.