5 years old


Adoption Fee: $480

Microchip No: 956000005408939

Happy and Affectionate


Meet Suzy! Our small girl, but what she lacks in size she more than makes up for in personality!


Suzy is one the happiest and most affectionate girls we have ever had the pleasure of fostering. We have loved having her sweet face around and have watched her blossom from a timid little thing to a dynamic force (for 10 minute bursts a few times a day) whose cheeky side has really emerged.


Suzy loves both people and dogs. She has happily lived with both another Greyhound and a Staffy and has shown no reactivity to others when out walking. She also absolutely loves everybody she meets and has no shame about demanding pats from strangers. She can get a little excited when visitors come over (more people more pats), and can be a bit jumpy for the first few minutes then quickly settles. We manage this by keeping hold of her until she calms down and is quickly learning that she gets pats quicker the quicker she calms down.


Suzy is a very adaptable dog and quickly settles into her surroundings and different lifestyles. She has been in 2 very different foster homes, and hasn’t been phased by either. She will happily live in an apartment with toilet breaks in the day, and mastered the stairs in her new home in a day!


Suzy is fully toilet trained and surpassed all expectations by not having a single accident inside. Right from the beginning she has hovered at the door or will hold until she is taken out.


She also loves toys! All toys, balls, squeakers, soft, chewy. She will happily play with anything she is given. She is still learning the difference between what is hers and what isn’t. We have found a few shoes in her bed, we are working on this by directing her attention to her toys if she grabs something she shouldn’t and this is improving. 


Suzy has previously lived with children and very much enjoyed the company of a 6 and 11 year old, however due to the younger’s height she can be a bit too big when excited, so she is better suited to children aged 10 and over.


Suzy loves her walks, like most dogs, can be a bit excitable in the first few minutes but then settles quickly and walks well on lead. When she first arrived she was very timid around traffic noise and pedestrian crossing beeps when out for a walk. Through gentle reassurance, some cuddles and shorter walks she has come a long way. 


Suzy is a beautiful girl who would make an ideal companion for a single person of any age, a couple or a family with older children. Like most greyhounds she is better suited to an owner who can provide her with a fair amount of time and affection. She’s the perfect sofa buddy and is a pleasure to have in your company!

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My needs:

  • Suitable for apartment living with twice daily walks

  • Dogs - ok with larger dogs and other greyhounds / untested with smaller dogs

  • Cats - untested

  • Kids - kids aged 10+ ok