4 years old

Baulkham Hills

Adoption Fee: $480

Microchip No: 956000009589585

Sweet and affectionate

Meet Lochie, our gorgeous 4-year-old boy. Lochie is a very sweet-natured and relaxed boy. He is enjoying his time with his foster carer and they get on great! He was almost a foster fail if planned trips overseas were not an issue.

Lochie uses a doggie door and is toilet trained. We are not sure how he would go in an apartment, as he is used to going out the doggie door to toilet.

Lochie loves a cuddle but is also very content being on his own bed. Lochie does not stress when his carer is out of the home.

Lochie gets on well with other greyhounds but is also happy as an only dog. He hasn’t had much chance to be around small dogs.

Lochie is crate trained but sleeps in his own bed at night. He even takes himself off to bed, after his dinner. He sometimes goes in the crate but it is not needed anymore, now he is completely house trained. Toilet training was pretty much sorted out in week one when he taught himself to go through the doggie door.

Lochie loves visitors popping over. He thinks everyone is popping in to see him and he loves the attention he gets.

Lochie likes a few Zoomies in the garden and he likes his toys too.

Lochie has not lived with children, so we don’t know what living with higher energy hoomans would be like for him.

I have been:

green tick


green tick
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My needs:

  • Medium to a big garden, maybe some apartments, depending on size.

  • Owners prepared to continue introducing him to new things.

  • Lovely walks, nature lovers, and beaches.

  • No small children

  • No pocket Pets or cats

  • Untested with small dogs