1 year old

Baulkham Hills

Adoption Fee: $250

Microchip No: 956000013013780

Full of love!


Jasper deserves his forever home just as much as any other greyhound. His trainer requested he be put to sleep after his accident but the vet performed surgery instead.

Jasper arrived at HIH with a repaired circular fracture in his back right leg. The accident happened at such a young age; he was only 12 months old, poor baby!

Jasper was taken to Bathurst veterinary clinic on the 15th October 2021 with a comminuted mid tibial fracture.

Jaspers fracture was surgically repaired with a locking plate on the 17th of October 2021.
Jasper has been in foster care and he has been an absolute joy! He is living with two smaller dogs and is very tolerant and loves his foster family dearly.

He would love another playful dog to play but the play needs to be managed, preventing another injury. A dog who plays with toys and is gentle in play may be better.

At the moment he does his Zoomies, throws his toys in the air, Play bounces to his foster brothers and gets a little silly in the garden. All monitored by his carer, and he absolutely loves it.

Jasper has a very sweet temperament. He is loyal and loving! He loves to roach (legs akimbo) and he sleeps in the strangest positions, always with his tongue hanging out and his Teefs are always on show!

Jaspers eyes say it all! He is expressive, smouldering and adores his hoomans. He really is a special boy and he deserves the best life ever!

Jasper loves his toys, especially his long squeaky snake, his puzzles and his Kong’s!

Jasper loves his bushwalks and is learning not to get too excited at the sight of other dogs.

Due to his age, he can still get a little too excited when you return home, but he is learning and we have a few tips for his new owners on how to correct him. Once you are home and in the home, he is relaxed and chilled and is happy to snooze on his bed or snuggles up with his humans.

Jasper is toilet trained and uses stairs with ease.

Jasper will need an owner who will be mindful that he has a plate in his leg, monitoring this is always going to be a must, with regular check-ups as he gets older.

A smaller garden would be fine for Jasper, this will help keep him from going into full sprinting mode and preventing any crashes and more injury to his leg.

Arthritis may arise in his plated leg, so we recommend a good diet with supplements such as Rosehip Vital. Calcium supplements, Rapigel, Fish oils etc are also going to be good for him as he ages.

Jasper is a special boy! He has so much love to give and we will only let him go to a home where his new owners can give him what he needs.

I have been:

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My needs:

  • Good with other dogs

  • Suitable for an apartment

  • No cats

  • No small children