1 year old


Adoption Fee: $480

Microchip No: 956000006810921

Pub Lover


The perfect apartment greyhound doesn't exi....Oh wait, meet Izzy! Izzy is a happy and curious girl who loves nothing more than a little ear scratch and being near her people.

She is happy sleeping on her bed most of the day and is ok with being at home by herself, so long as she has access to use the toilet. She would love people who are home with her a little bit because she is such an affectionate girl and just loves people. Once she gets to know you, she likes to make sure you know and will keep an eye on you between naps. 


Izzy arrived very cautious of people, most especially men, however seems to get her confidence from being around people she trusts and has been pretty happy and confident since. She loves a little walk and is relatively unfazed by other dogs, lound traffic and noises. She will give you a little nuzzle to let you know she is there frequently. 


She is pretty happy with 2-3 short walks a day, she's not a big fan of long walks as they take away from her nap time and she's actually pretty lazy. 


When the moment arises she loves playing with her duck and on her bed and jumps about like a tumbleweed of legs and tail. Izzy is still learning about stairs, happy enough to walk up and down, however whilst she is learning she would love you to pace yourself on the way down, in her excitement to learn she can get a little too excited about the last couple and go for a tumble. 


She hasn't shown any signs of food or toy aggression however isn't super keen on sharing her bed (its her happy place and prefers it all to herself, if you sit on it, she will get up and leave)


Mornings with Izzy are a delight, she won't let you get away with no tummy rubs, don't worry, if you forget, she will let you know. 


Izzy has been living in an apartment in busy Redfern with lots of loud noises and has started her training at the pub (a placid girl who will nap at your feet, we think she is passing with flying colours). 


Izzy used to live with other greyhounds so would be suited to a house with or without a companion. 

I have been:

green tick
green tick
green tick




My needs:

  • Suitable for apartment living

  • Dogs - ok 

  • No Cats

  • Kids - untested