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Our logo was created by Chloe Ryan, an artist and the daughter of a beautiful family who adopted an ex-racing greyhound called Gilbert.

Gilbert warmed our hearts last year, an amputee who proved life was still good, even with three legs.

Chloe designed this artwork for her devoted mum and in memory of Gilbert, who passed away eirlier this year.  

We feel privileged to also have the right to use this image as our logo, a constant reminder of this beautiful boy and his family.

Gilbert warmed our hearts in so many ways and we can only wish the same for all greyhounds that come our way.

You can read more about Sandra, Chloe and Gilbert here:

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Who are we?

Welcome to "Hounds in Homes" a rehoming and rescue of ex-racing greyhounds and some sighthounds. 

As experienced volunteers we haven re-homed many wonderful ex-racing greyhounds, it's now time for us to expand and create a breed-specific platform for potential foster carers, adopters and enthusiasts to connect. We have a wealth

of knowledge when it comes to this special breed.

Based in Sydney, we have a wonderful team of advisors, owners and dog trainers from around the globe. 

All of our greyhounds are ex-racing dogs who have been slowly introduced to life in the home. They have been rehabilitated, nurtured and most of all loved!  

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Image by Annie Spratt



The greyhound is a gentle breed, loyal, loving and affectionate.

They make wonderful pets and companions.  All our greyhounds have spent time with dedicated foster carers in their homes and are only placed on our adoption list when they are ready for the next phase of their lives as much loved family pets.

All greyhounds deserve warm loving homes after retirement. We work really hard to ensure that all our homes are the perfect match for our dogs. 

If you are considering a greyhound, please read our fact sheet and individual profiles of each dog. We will then work with you to ensure the right match is made.  

Onwards and upwards for all our greys.


Oscar has just arrived!

Oscar has Just arrived. He is a little nervous but he will be fine, he just needs to settle in. 

He doesn't like sirens or really loud noises, poor boy. 

Oscar has the most adorable ears, they are always sticking up, a unique look for our beautiful boy.  

Oscar will go into a loving foster home where he can be assessed, rehabilitated and eventually find his forever home. 


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