1 year old

Baulkhalm Hills

Adoption Fee: $480

Microchip No: 956000011750249

Sweet and Goofy


Meet Duke, our gorgeous young boy. Duke is a very sweet-natured boy, who absolutely loves to cuddle up and be cradled like a big baby, One of his carer's favorite things to do in an evening.

Being young he has some pup-like tendencies but nothing a good dog person can’t handle. He is super smart and learns so quickly, it’s more things like being super excited about his hoomans walking through the door after being out.

Duke had never been toilet trained when he arrived and he has turned this around beautifully, we are so proud of him.

Duke sleeps in his crate at night, his crate is close to his carer's bedroom, so she can hear him whine if he needs to go to the toilet. This is a rare occasion now, as he is sleeping through the night.

Duke loves his garden and he loves his foster sister Maggie who can be a little cranky at him, Duke being Duke just looks at her as if to say “what’s your problem”

Duke walks well on the leash. His carer has trained him not to play with the leash in his mouth or mouth the other dogs while walking! The silly boy forgets it’s walk time not playtime. A quick “Ah Ah! And he’s off again at a lovely walking pace.

Duke does go to a Big dog park with his Muzzle on. He is best mates with a Great Dane and a Staffy but loves to walk around the path with his little Daschy friend too. He gets a lot of attention because he is so gorgeous.

His best friend is Maggie (Husband and wife scenario going on with these two) they play all the time, so lovely to watch. He is way faster than Maggie and she hates it! He winds her up and she is the strong girl she is, refusing to let him win. It’s seriously hilarious to observe and they are both exhausted at the end of their ventures.

We go to a dog park that is strictly for Big dogs only (Duke loves to run, so we worry small dogs will get caught up in his legs) Duke is in a foster home with two smaller dogs and he is great with them. He is great with all dogs.

Duke's ideal owner would be a big dog owner with other well-behaved dogs. Duke is like a blank slate so a dog trainer or someone who is savvy with dog training is going to be able to train this boy up to be anything! Again he is super smart.

Duke loves his toys, and doesn’t chew other things unless it’s a loose toilet roll somebody forgot to put away! He doesn’t counter surf and will wait while you prepare his food.

He collects shoes but doesn’t chew them. He doesn’t resource guard his collection and will happily let you reclaim them.

I have been:

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My needs:

  • Medium to a big garden, No apartments

  • Other big dogs to play with.

  • Active owners, bush walkers, nature lovers, and beaches.

  • No small children

  • No pocket Pets