3 years old

West Pennant Hills

Adoption Fee: $480

Microchip No: 956000006810293



Bella is a very affectionate and happy 3-year-old girl. She was not shy or timid at all when she arrived. She loves pats and cuddles and her favourite toy is a tennis ball. She even knows to fetch!

Bella is toilet trained, doesn’t not bark and is non-destructive. She is great with all large and most small dogs, but her prey drive is heightened around small, fluffy, white dogs. Bella does need a bit of training on her walks. She loves to smell everything and meet everyone and other dogs but needs to learn that her owner is in charge. This would easily come with a bit of training.

She’s would be fine as an only dog as she loves attention from people more so than other dogs. If she was an only dog, she would need someone home with her rather than not. When in the house environment, she will follow you around unless distracted by food or a toy. She will stand in front of you and show her best puppy dog eyes to get lots of pats. She loves to lay on couches and beds.

Bella would make a great addition to any family and will become your happy little shadow.

I have been:

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My needs:

  • Bella needs to be part of the family.

  • Fine as an only dog!

  • Very loving and loyal!