2 years old

Baulkhalm Hills

Adoption Fee: $380

Microchip No: 956000007831089

Sweet and Sassy!


Meet Maggie, our petite 2 year old greyhound. Maggie is a beautiful girl who loves her foster brother Duke. Maggie loves her toy’s and has been learning to play with Duke instead of stealing them and running away, as she did in the early days.

When Maggie first arrived she was very protective over her toys but being with Duke, she has learnt to share and now often swaps toys and even beds.

Maggie doesn’t resource guard her food bowl at all and she is not a fussy eater.

High value treats such as long lasting bully sticks, bones or pigs ears etc she may, so an allocated area where she can be left in peace to enjoy, would be perfect (crate) she has only ever done this once, while in our care and it was over a very high value treat (a long lasting chew) This is something you would need to understand, incase she regresses and does it again (We can discuss a management plan, if she does, it’s pretty easy to manage)

Maggie would be happier in a garden, she loves to zoomie and play with her toys in the sunshine. She is fun to watch and such a happy girl!

Maggie is social, great with most dogs. She gets on extremely well with our Duke, so matching this dynamic would be lovely. They are a laugh a minute together!

Maggie enjoys running and has been to several greyhound meetups, where she has been so well behaved.

Maggie’s Ideal home would be a greyhound loving home and an owner who meets up with other houndie friends.

Maggie has never had an accident in the home and is beautifully toilet trained. She will go out by herself or if the door is closed she will let you know.

Maggie and Duke keep each other company and once their carer leaves the house, they can be seen playing on the camera and then both snoozing on their beds, so no seperation anxiety at all.

Maggie sleeps right through the night, no noise during the night and is a happy girl in the morning.

Maggie walks well on the leash.

I have been:

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My needs:

  • Medium to big garden.

  • Ok as only dog but would be great if her owners socialised her with other houndies. Good with another dog, the dynamic needs to be right though.

  • Active owners, bush walkers, nature lovers and beaches.

  • No small children

  • No pocket Pets