3 years old

Kurraba Point

Adoption Fee: $480

Microchip No: 956000007852576

Sweet Girl


Billie is a sweet quiet girl who loves nothing more than a cuddle with you. She is gentle, child-friendly, suited to apartment living and does not have any separation anxiety when left alone or with her foster sister Sophie for a couple of hrs. Billie does not have any signs of sleep startle.

She has learnt to use the stairs and still learning to get into the lift. 

She isn’t food motivated yet, but slowly getting more driven. She loves sardines, sweet potatoes and pumpkin. She can also be a counter surfer as well. 

She has attended understanding canine level 1- 4 week greyhound training course and is learning to come, go to bed, and “let’s go” to ignore and walk past other dogs on walks.

She is very interested in other dogs on the street, she wants to greet them and will fixate on them. She will need to continue training the “let’s go” command. She will need pawrents that are patient and willing to continue this training with her. She can be anxious at the start and freeze on walks, but this will go away in a few weeks once she is settled. 

Billie LOVES her morning cuddles, when the alarm goes off, she will be waiting at our door to kiss us and cuddle us every morning. 

Billie will be great with another dog or a solo dog. If with a small dog she will need to be slowly introduced. 

Billie is a beautiful sweet girl who has worked up quite the resume: 
✨apartment friendly 
✨ gets along with all doggos - although we are always cautious with smaller dogs. 
✨toilet trained 
✨calm around children 
✨loves to be around you but is ok to stay home alone for a few hrs 
✨ understands basic commands and has attended 4 week greyhound school 
✨ does not display any sleep startle, food aggression or resource guarding 
✨ loves cuddles and affection
✨Continued on leash training will be required to perfect walking past dogs. She may freeze on walks in the initial few weeks during the transition phase of rehoming. 

I have been:

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My needs:

  • Suitable for apartments

  • No Cats

  • Other dogs fine