1 year old

Glenmore Park

Adoption Fee: $480

Microchip No: 956000011586672

Playful Puppy


Meet Axcel our 1 year old beautiful Fawn Greyhound. Axcel weighs 29.3Kg.

Axcel is a very special boy, who has brought his foster family so much joy and laughter.
He is very independent, yet loving snuggly greyhound who loves to play with his many toys. He loves his ball and plays well with kids.

He is also happy to entertain himself in the back garden, playing with his toys. Axcel will bring his toys to you and drop them at your feet, if you tell him to drop. He is such a clever boy! 


Axcel was lucky enough to never race as he sustained a shoulder injury in kennels. He has had a full assessment at our vets and they have confirmed that this has now healed well and is not expected to have and long-term implications. 

Axcel loves to snooze on the sofa of an evening. Not always in the most elegant way, we have many photos of him slipping off as he doses off. 

Axcel is a very sweet and affectionate boy. He loves people and gets on well with other greyhounds and other dogs he meets. 

He is funny, independent and loyal. He loves his garden. 

He has the best Temprement and he is going to make a family very happy.

Someone is going to be the luckiest greyhound owner with this boy! Such a spirited and lovely boy. 

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