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Hi, My name is Sandra and I adopted beautiful Gilbert back in 2016. Gilbert was a retired greyhound and I was the lucky one who had the honour to adopt him.

I have had a few dogs in the past but the bond I built with Gilbert was unique. When adopting a greyhound be prepared for them to steal your heart and lounge.

Greyhounds are the most loving souls and will fill your days and heart with love.

They are extremely loyal and warm companions. Their eyes look into yours and make you feel so adored. Gilbert loved his walks and would do “zoomies” in the background! You will soon learn what a “zoomie” is when you bring your greyhound home!

It’s a really short, quick run around! Then they are ready to sleep the day away. I, unfortunately, lost Gilbert earlier this year.

My advice to you ~ adopt a greyhound and not only will you change its life but it will change yours in beautiful and unimaginable ways Sandra

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